Steps to Writing Affirmative Reminders

  • Personal: Write personally (include the word “I”)
  • Positive: Envision what you want (state it positively and confidently)
  • Present: Write in the present tense (“I am”)
  • Powerful: Use words that trigger positive emotions
  • Particular: Use words that suggest consistency, regularity (“I always”)
  • Precise: State specific desires and convictions

Sample Affirmative Reminders

  • I feel calm and patient with those who see things differently than I do.
  • I enjoy creating a warm, positive, and loving home environment.
  • I feel excited when exciting people are around me.
  • I use my utmost potential and feel fulfilled and happy.
  • I have an excellent, free-flowing memory with clear and easy recall.
  • I enjoy setting a good example for people at work and at home.
  • I demonstrate my feelings of happiness by easily wearing a warm smile and sharing it with others.

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