Healthy means Whole

Macro visions & Micro decisions

Let’s look at the WHOLE of your life—body, mind, heart, soul—moving toward health, joy, and progress in:

  • relationships

  • finances 

  • dreams, work

  • play

You can do this.

The change you want is within your reach. The goals are achievable, the habits are doable, the confidence is buildable.

What’s included?

stir passion + make progress + find peace

Each month, you’ll receive:

  • Up to 3 coaching calls with Caleb

  • Next steps toward your goals

  • Personal accountability (calling you UP, not out)

  • Access to Caleb’s tools and products

The Process

  1. Explore: 30-minute call to get to know Caleb and coaching (only $50!)

  2. Decide: Determine that now is the time and Caleb is the coach 

  3. Begin: The only way to start is to start!

Start Today

Coaches exist to help draw out the best in the player, client, friend. Great coaches understand that “accountability” is calling you UP, not calling you out... Sparking progress, encouraging you to be all you were designed to be.

Caleb has gift for helping you see the bigger picture—how everything connects to everything else—what matters and what doesn’t, and then giving you practical steps to go from where you are to where you want to be.

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