Daily Meditation

The not-so-weird meditation habit (15-minute meditation routine)

  • Start first thing in the morning—as soon as I wake up.
  • Set the alarm if necessary. (Never hit snooze.)
  • Get out of bed and sit on the floor.
  • Stretch.
  • Think about my breathing.
  • Notice breaths—inhale through nose, exhale through mouth.
  • Redirect thoughts that wander away from my breath and stretching.
  • Pray my Daily Prayer Mantra
  • Recite my Affirmations
  • Reflect on two simple acrostics—to help me remember:
      G – gratitude: Be thankful. List and appreciate blessings, small and large
      O – observation: Pay attention. What is God doing? How are things working together for good around me?
      D – dedication: Commit myself to honoring God and serving others again today.
      M – main thing: What’s the main thing today? If I can only accomplish ONE THING, what is it? How to I make this the focus of the day?
      E – enthusiasm: Draw energy from the time of meditation and turn that into enthusiasm for the day ahead. My influence today is based on the enthusiasm I bring to whatever I do and whomever I see.

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