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Favor With Kings

This is Caleb’s newest book! Readers will travel with Caleb through the memoirs of Nehemiah and learn practical ways to shift their influence from the ethereal to the eternal as they pursue projects that bring lasting fulfillment, contentment, and purpose.

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My Near Death Experiment

What if you could have the life-changing effect of a near-death-experience without the pain, the hospitals, the drama, and the potential loss? What if you could live a more meaningful life now–while it’s up to you–and be happier, more fulfilled, more alive… What if…

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40 Days to a New You

Your health is much more than diet and exercise. Most people fail to reach their physical goals because of non-physical issues. 40 DAYS TO A NEW YOU is for your overall well-being. 40 DAYS TO A NEW YOU is an accessible and inspiring look at living a more all-around healthy life: body | mind | heart | spirit. It’s broken up into 40 daily readings that are simple, straight-forward, relate-able and thought-provoking.

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Listen: Experiments in Hearing from God

Adapted from a popular sermon series. The idea of prayer, speaking personally with God, might sound strange to you – even more, hearing from God. But it doesn’t have to be! Hearing from God is not just a privilege limited to prophets of old, it is something that happens in our everyday moments. God is talking to us all the time in many ways. The question is not whether God speaks to you. The question is, are you listening?

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